Career coaching services are available to individuals as well as our corporate clients that are supporting employees in career advancement or outplacement programs. One-on-one coaching enables the individual to focus on their professional aspirations and formulate strategies to implement them. Our program includes a series of sessions to gather information in order to identify skills, recognize challenges, pinpoint likes and dislikes, clarify personal and professional goals, develop career management strategies, create opportunities and commit to action. We have a strategy to help you find career positions that have helped many candidates find their dream job.

While commitment to a three-month program is the preferred method of getting results, short-term programs are available on a fixed or hourly rate. After an initial meeting to establish needs and goals, subsequent meetings can be scheduled to accommodate the client’s time frame. A career coach with sincere commitment from the client can be a significant help in furthering an individual’s aspirations and career goals.

Contact us to initiate a career program to meet your needs.