Interview Preparation Interview Questions
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List of Sample Questions for Candidates to Ask Hiring Authorities when Interviewing


1-What are the 3 common characteristics of the top 15% of the company’s sales force?

2-What are the strengths & weaknesses of the company?

3-How consistent is the management team? What are their accomplishments?

4-How is the company capitalized? Does it carry much debt? Is it profitable? Are profits reinvested back into the company? How? In what areas?

5-Don’t ask about training, ask: What is the first 30 days like in the life of the new salesperson that joins your company?

6-What is the ratio of support people to salesmen? Where are they located? How accessible are they?

7-Is the product resold? How does that affect the salespeople?

8-What is the biggest challenge facing the company at this point in time?

9-New salespeople that went with your company and left after 6 months. What are the common reasons why they left?

10-Does the company have a defined "Business Model"?

11-Does the company have a defined "Business Philosophy"?

12-What are some things your company does to retain employees once hired?

13-Does your firm have an informal mentoring program where one employee helps another?

14-What is the company’s vision?

15-What are the top people making in a similar position?



Satisfy the employer’s needs

Always be closing

 If you lack an asset or a requirement –Compensate

Ask for the job! Ask for the job! Ask for the job!